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Deputy Orders

We are expert lawyers offering a sympathetic service in obtaining Deputy Orders from the Court of Protection, based on many years experience.

Deputies are appointed by the Court of Protection to manage either the Property and Affairs or Personal Welfare, of an individual who lacks mental capacity.

An example when a Deputyship Order is required is when a person with advanced dementia needs access to their assets to pay care home fees. Another example might be a situation where a person with a brain injury has obtained a sum of money from a court settlement which needs managing to pay for their care.

The Deputy will normally be an immediate family member or close friend but can also be a lawyer.

A Deputy Order application must include extensive information on the person’s assets and liabilities. Additionally the application must a medical report confirming that the individual has lost mental capacity.

A Deputy can only act under a court order from the Court of Protection. This order sets out the Deputy’s powers and entitles the Deputy to act on behalf of the person lacking capacity.

The Office of the Public Guardian is responsible for supervising Deputies appointed by the Court of Protection. The level of supervision by the OPG will depend upon various factors such as the complexity and value of the person’s assets and the type of decisions the Deputy is being asked to make.

By using our expert service you can speed up the time it takes to obtain the Deputy Order.

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