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Change of Name Deed
Everybody has the legal right to change their name whenever they want.
There is no official institution where you go to register your change of name.
A common way of changing your name is therefore simply to complete a Change of Name Deed or a Statutory Declaration of Change of Name with a lawyer. Please book an appointment with our legal team to complete you change of name by deed.
The deed you complete with us can be used to do things like update your new name into passport at the Passport Office or drivers license at the DVLA or with your bank or any other institution.
You will normally sign several identical copies of the same deed so that it can be sent to different institutions without having to worry about any copies becoming lost.

Changing a child’s name

Parents can change their child’s name at any time as long as the child is below 16 years of age. The law requires the holders of Parental Responsibility for the child must agree to the child’s change of name.

At Guthrie & Co Lawyers we are highly experienced in preparing Change of Name deeds in all contexts.

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